How to Get Rid of Masonry Bees

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Masonry bees are commonly used to cultivate pollination for early spring fruit flowers. They are solitary bees, where every female is fertile and makes her own nest, and there are no worker bees. Females love to make their nest in holes they discover and often take up residence in the siding of homes. If you discover masonry bees in your home or property, get rid of them before they cause any damage.

Put on protective clothing and goggles in case the bees become aggressive. Scout your home and property and look for any bee activity or nesting.

Spray a quick squirt of a commercial bee killer into each hole you find. Since masonry bees are solitary, there will be only one larva per hole.

Seal up all cracks and crevices with caulk. This will ensure the larvae die as well as keep other bees from using this hole for future nesting.

Kill any remaining masonry bees you see with household insecticide. Remove protective clothing and goggles.

Plant some spearmint, thyme or eucalyptus around your home. The bees do not like the scent of these plants and will stay away.

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