How to Kill Wasp Nests in a Concrete Foundation

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Many wasps make nests that hang from trees or buildings but ground wasps make their home under foundations and driveways and concrete structures. If you've discovered a wasp nest under your concrete foundation it's best to carefully and completely exterminate the wasps, especially if they are an area where you and your family like to spend time. Wasps are territorial and can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Left to thrive beneath your foundation, wasps can end up stinging you, your family or pets, especially during more active parts of the day or season.

Protect yourself from wasp stings by wearing heavy, thick clothing that completely covers your arms and legs. Tuck your trousers into your socks and wear work-type boots. Protect your head and eyes by wearing a hat and goggles.

Mix 1/2 cup washing powder and 1 gallon hot water in a bucket. Stir the mixture with your hands to make a soapy solution.

Put on work gloves to protect your hands. Dump the soapy solution into the entrance to the wasp nest under your concrete foundation. Do this early in the morning or evening as these are the times when wasps are less active. Allow the soap solution to dry.

Fill a caulk applicator with chlorpyrifos dust. Insert the tip of the applicator into the entrance of the wasp nest and pump the full amount of dust into the nest. Repeat this step for the next two days to ensure you have exterminated all wasps in the nest.

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