How to Make Oven Gloves

Oven gloves, also known as oven gloves, are large, mitten-like hand coverings designed to protect the wearer from heat. They are a necessity when taking things out of the oven. Making your own oven gloves, whether you decide to make just one or a pair, is a sewing project that takes no longer than a single afternoon.

The project doesn't require much sewing experience.

On the paper, trace a loose outline of your hand with your fingers together and your thumb out, leaving a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of extra space.

Cut out this outline. This is the pattern for your mitt.

Trace this pattern twice onto the batting, lining fabric and the main fabric for the mitt. Cut out the six forms.

Take one each of the batting, lining and main fabric forms, and sandwich them: main fabric, batting and lining. Do the same with the remaining three forms.

Sew a diamond pattern into each of the fabric, batting and lining sandwiches. Make the diamonds as large or small as your taste dictates. This creates the quilting on the glove.

Sew the edges of one of the sandwiches together, using a zigzag stitch. Do the same for the other sandwich.

Cut off a length of the double-fold bias tape, and fold it over the seam where the wrist opening will be. Sew the tape on the seam. Do the same with the other sandwich.

Layer the two sandwiches on top of one another, lining out. Sew them together at the edge, skipping the wrist opening.

Turn the glove inside-out--which will really be right-side-out--and you have your oven glove.