How to share books between Kindle accounts

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The Kindle is an e-book reader that is produced by Amazon. With an Amazon Kindle, you can read books, newspapers, blogs, magazines and online media via their device. You can also use the device to purchase new books or subscribe to online periodicals through Amazon's website. If both Kindles are registered to the same account, you can share books by simply downloading them to each Kindle. If the Kindles are registered to separate accounts, there is a way to share books.

Check that the book is able to be lent out. Publishers decide whether books can be loaned, so not all books will be available. Look under the product details of the book on your Kindle device. If the book can be loaned out, it will say "Lending: Enabled."

Go to the "Actions" menu and look for the link marked "Loan this title." As long as the book can be loaned, this link will be there.

Click "Loan this title."

Fill in the following form with the name of the other Kindle owner and her e-mail address.

Click "Send now." The book will be sent to the other user. The loaned book will be available for 14 days.

Click on the button "Get your loaned book now" on the Kindle receiving the book.

Choose the device you want the book to go to and click "Accept."

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