How to find the Ford exterior paint colour code

Ford Motor Co.

The Ford Motor Co. utilises paints that are suited specifically to the automotive manufacturing industry. Manufacturers understand that damage can occur to the painted surface of vehicles due to accidents, carelessness and normal fading by exposure to the elements.

To provide an exact colour match for any given vehicle, the exterior paint code is provided to the customer in various locations on different makes and models.

Locating the code

Open the driver's side door of your Ford vehicle and look for a square-shaped label, either on the body side of the door jamb or on the inside frame of the door itself.

Check the label for the text: "EXT PNT" The paint code follows the abbreviated format. On some Ford makes and models, the paint code will be located above the fully spelt words: "EXTERIOR PAINT". Ford Motor Co. uses two letters identifying the paint code which appear in capital letters such as: FL, SI, LG.

Write down the VIN number along with the make, year and model of your car if your Ford vehicle doesn't appear to have a label in the door jamb. The VIN plate is located in the lower right-hand corner of the front window on the driver's side of the vehicle. Call the Ford Motor Co. (see Resources) and provide the information to the representative who can then look up the paint code for you.