How to Make a Gemini Man Love You

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Gemini's symbol is the twins, its ruler is Mercury, and its element is air. This gives Gemini men a talent for flirtation, a love of variety and a knack for versatility.

If you know a man who has held an unusual range of different jobs, either sequentially or simultaneously, he probably has either a Gemini sun or other strong emphasis of this sign in his natal chart. Getting a Gemini man to flirt with you is easy; getting him to ask you out is not that difficult. Getting him to fall in love is a challenge best left to luck or fate.

Enjoy the game of flirtation. The Gemini male uses words to play and seduce, so he won't understand a woman who can't hit the conversational ball back over the net to him. If you prefer slow, deep conversations to witty banter or don't consider yourself that verbal a person at all, look elsewhere for romance. Develop a fairly thick skin -- a Gemini is just as likely to tease you as to compliment you.

Open yourself up to spontaneity and experimentation. A Gemini male might contact you out of the blue and ask if you want to play hookey from work and go canoeing on a nice day. He may ask you to join him sneaking into a concert without tickets. The sign is ruled by Mercury, who is a bit of a trickster. If you are living together, he might suggest that you move across the country next month and find new jobs once you arrive. He may also want to try many new things sexually.

Avoid settling into a routine after the relationship is established. Gemini men become bored easily. Make your own suggestions for spontaneous fun to keep him intrigued with the romance between you. If you remain something of a mystery, offering him bits of surprise and challenge, he is less likely to stray.

Learn not to hold grudges. For a Gemini male, anger comes and goes quickly, a passing storm. He cannot comprehend why some people continue to simmer and stew long after an argument is over.

Have a strong enough ego not to mind if he flirts with others. Geminis flirt as naturally as they breathe. If you seem insecure or possessive, he will lose respect for you.