How to Make Rosettes

Rosettes are small ornamental designs worn as badges, or used as decorations on things such as clothing, bands or napkins. These ornaments also are used a prizes, as the top of ribbons given for winning an event.

Though rosette-style ribbons and awards can be ordered from speciality manufacturers, they are also quite easy to make at home.

Fold your ribbon in half, lengthwise. Make sure the two ends of the ribbon are even, and sew them together. Knot the thread, and trim it so that there's no excess.

Turn the ribbon inside out so the seam at the ends is hidden inside. You should now have a loop of ribbon. Sew a set of stitches around the top edge. Do not knot or cut your thread yet.

Pull the thread tight while holding the bottom edge of the ribbon. Your rosette should gather to take on the shape of a flower. Adjust the rosette until you're happy with the gathering and shape.

Knot your thread and cut it. Sew your new rosette onto whatever you want, as a decoration.