How Do You Send a Fax to Italy?

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Our global economy has become a world without borders. We buy and sell products from and to many countries. Italy produces a vast range of products for Americans including marble for our homes and businesses, wines, cheese and other foods, and an assortment of leather products such as shoes and handbags.

Many companies place their orders by fax so you may need to know how to send an international fax to Italy.

Put the documents into PDF or Word format. Internet fax services limit the file size and charge a separate fee for each file. Some sites will only allow 10 pages per file while others allow up to 30 pages. Prices vary widely so shop around for the best deal. As of May 2010, Got Free Fax charged £1.60 for a 10-page file while the One Time Fax website had an advertised price of £1.30 per page, which would cost you £13 for the same file (see the Reference section below for links to both services).

Open a PayPal account if you do not already have one. It is the standard and accepted way to pay for Internet transactions (see the link in the Resource section below).

Choose your service provider, fill out its information form and upload the file. Alternatively, you can type your message in the space provided. You will need the recipient's e-mail address in addition to his fax number.

Open a prepaid account with the Internet fax service company if you'll be sending international faxes frequently. Prepaid customers may enjoy a discounted price over the pay-as-you-go customers. Additionally, sending faxes will be much faster since you won't have to enter your PayPal information with each transaction.

Verify that you have connected the fax machine to a phone line that can dial internationally. Some companies place a block on international calling on all but a few machines.

Enter the code for international calling from the U.S., "011."

Enter the country code for Italy, "39" (see the Web page listed in the Resources section for a list of country codes).

Enter the city code, which ranges from one to three digits. You will find a link to Italian city codes in the Resources section. Dial "00" for the long-distance operator if your city is not listed.

Enter the recipient's fax number and press the "Send" button. Some countries have phone numbers that are less than seven digits.