How to obtain a French passport

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Nationals of the French Republic must be issued French passports for international travel. By serving as an indication of French citizenship, a passport also facilitates the process of seeking assistance from French consulates abroad.

Claiming French citizenship depends on the agreements between France and your home country, but in most cases is recognised if at least one of your parents is a citizen of France. If you qualify as a French citizen in your country of residence, obtaining a passport is a simple process.

Go to the French consulate nearest you and find out if passport applications require a personal appearance by appointment. Otherwise, retrieve the passport application paperwork for completion. Check the link in the Resources section to find out where your local French consulate is.

Present 1 form of identification and proof of French citizenship. If you cannot furnish an original copy of a French birth certificate, you may also provide a naturalisation certificate, certificate of French nationality, or declaration of acquisition of French nationality.

Provide a proof of your permanent address in the form of a utility bill, tax return or rent receipt if required by the consulate. Students who live in university accommodation can obtain a letter from the school stating the student's address.

Prepare to submit one passport-type photograph taken within the past 6 months. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the Consulate carefully. The offices of the French Consulate also often provide a photo service for passport and visa applicants.

Return to the French Embassy and follow the consulate's instructions on where to submit your application documents and fees. Immediate processing is not available, but you can request expedited service at an extra cost. Otherwise, expect your French passport to be processed within three weeks.