How to make a board game for a school project

Every student will have projects to complete during their academic career. Making their own board games is intended to be a fun way to help the students actively learn and use their creativity.

Fold your game board in half. The board can be made with either a manila folder, cardboard, foam board, tag board or legal size white paper. For cardboard or foam board, you will need to score the back down the centre where the fold will be with a sharp knife or scissor blade. Be sure to only score about three-fourths of the way through. Use the ruler to guide your knife.

Colour and decorate your board. Think about the assignment and what the game should demonstrate or teach.

Most game boards have a series of squares leading to a finish line. Some squares may have a question or task that when completed correctly allow the player to jump ahead. Use the ruler to draw the squares.

Draw or print from a computer a character onto card stock. For economical purposes, a manila folder can be substituted for card stock. It will run through most printers cut in half and with the tabs cut off.

Cut the character out, leaving a 1-inch tab along the bottom.

Fold over the tab you left on the character so it will stand up. You can also add three-dimensional features to your board by using this method and gluing the tab to the game board.

Cut out rectangles of card stock or use 3x5 index cards. Write questions or tasks on each one and the amount of spaces the player may move if it is answered or completed correctly. This eliminates the need for dice and demonstrates more knowledge of the subject matter.

Write or type out the directions to your game.

Get two pieces of tag board and trim 1/8 inch off each side of one of the pieces.

Fold in each side of the two pieces of tag board 1.5 inches.

Tape the corners of the homemade box

Stand the sides up and fold and tape the corners in.

Decorate the outside of the box. Include the name of your game, the appropriate age range that should play, your name and class information.

Put the game board and game accessories in your box.

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