How to Install a Basketball Goal to a Brick House,

A basketball goal can provide a great source of physical activity not only for children but adults too. Basketball goals can be set up in a freestanding manner, either weighted down by a substance such as sand or water or planted into the ground.

Or, basketball goals can be mounted to an already existing surface such as an outside wall. Mounting a basketball goal to a brick house requires a few necessary steps.

Determine where on your brick wall you want to mount your basketball goal.

Climb your ladder and use a measuring tape to set the height of the goal. Mark the height with chalk.

Measure the mounting bracket screw holes and mark with chalk where they need to be placed on the brick.

Drill holes through the brick with a brick drill bit. Insert anchors.

With help from an assistant, attach the basketball goal to the brick wall by using a screw, such as a Tapcon concrete screw.