How to paint an Artex ceiling

Du?an Kosti?/iStock/Getty Images

Artex is a surface coating that produces a textured appearance on ceilings. To paint an Artex ceiling, you'll need to employ a particular application strategy because Artex is uncommonly porous and soaks up a large amount of paint. If you apply an initial diluted coat of paint you saturate the texture and create a surface more suited to an even coverage free of skips and streaks.

Remove all furniture and electronics from the room.

Cover the flooring with plastic dust sheets. Lay fabric dust sheets on top of the plastic ones. Protect surfaces on and adjacent to the Artex ceiling by covering them with a low-tack painter's tape.

Pour 9 litres of emulsion paint into the bucket. Dilute the emulsion paint by stirring in 120 ml of white spirit. Stir for five minutes.

Apply the diluted emulsion paint onto the Artex ceiling using the roller. Wait three hours for the first coat of diluted paint to dry.

Apply a coat of undiluted emulsion paint to the Artex ceiling.

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