How to Attract a Pisces Man to a Taurus Woman

Taurus and Pisces complement each other. If done right, the relationship will prove happy and successful. Taurus needs to dominate the romance without being too headstrong, and in return Pisces plays the generous lover.

The key to this pairing is to play off each other's differences: the Taurus becomes Pisces' rock and Pisces teaches Taurus that sometimes change can be exciting. The Taurus is a natural seductress and will only need to focus on finding common ground with her man.

Remain strong, dependable and solid. You will help keep the Pisces man grounded.

Dig into your stubborn side and steer the conversation---Pisces needs a little guidance.

Keep your temper in check.

Surprise him and take him to a new bar or club. As a Pisces, he likes adventure and a social scene.

Pisces enjoys beauty, art and sensuality. Chat about dreams or an art museum you visited.

Support his artistic endeavours and ask questions about his art. Praise and encouragement work well for the creative Pisces who just needs an extra push.

A Pisces is empathetic, but don't lean too heavily on his shoulder when you're down. He'll lose himself in making your problems his own.