How to Hide Wall Mount TV Cables

Wall mounted televisions are increasing in popularity. By mounting on the wall, valuable space is freed up under the TV. There are a variety of cables that hook up to the TV, including the power cable and AV cables. These are unattractive if left trailing down the wall. It is simple to hide wall mount TV cables attractively.

Purchase cable covers long and wide enough to cover the cords coming from your TV. Cut the cord cover to length with a hacksaw if necessary.

Place the cord cover base against the wall. It should stretch from where the cords emerge from the back of the TV to where it is hidden behind furniture or at the top of the electrical socket.

Screw the cover to the wall with drywall screws, which should be included with the cover kit.

Place the cords over the cover base. Snap the cover onto the base, hiding the cords behind it. To access the cords later, the cover will snap off easily.

Paint the cover to match your walls. Allow the paint to dry and add a second coat if necessary.

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