How to Check Your Voicemail for Free (Without Using Your Anytime Minutes)

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Voicemail is a handy feature and included with most cellphone plans for free. Calling to check your messages, however, can use up your allotted anytime minutes. If you can't wait for your night and weekend time to listen to your mail, there is a solution.

You will need to know your voicemail pass code, which is chosen during your initial voicemail set-up. You can use this trick even if your cellphone is powered off or out of your network coverage area.

Dial your mobile phone number from any other phone.

Wait for your voicemail greeting to start playing.

Interrupt the greeting by pressing the "*" key. You will be prompted to enter your security code.

Use the phone's keypad to enter your voicemail security code. When the correct code is entered, you will be able to listen to your messages just as you would when calling from your mobile phone.