How to Use Horlicks

Horlicks is a malt powder used in drinks, and is popular in Britain, Jamaica and Asia.

Horlicks is a malted grain powder, similar to other powders used to make malted milk. It can be used in a variety of ways. In Britain it is commonly used as a pre-bed drink with milk, to promote sleep. In India, it is seen as a nutritious milk supplement, providing caloric and nutritional supplements to a primary food source. In Asia it is often seen as an ingredient to add to teas and coffees for a rich result similar to latte and chai.

Obtain a jar of Horlicks Powder. In Britain, India, Jamaica, and Asia this may be as easy as a trip to the grocery store. In other countries it may be necessary to visit a food importer or a specialist in British food products. Next, read the instructions on the Horlicks jar. This will provide a useful overview of some of the measurements and liquid bases you can use.

Heat the liquid of your choice. Milk is the most common base liquid, but Horlicks can also be used in skim milk, with water or with coffee and teas. Horlicks dissolves best in a warm liquid, though it can be used in a range of cold preparations.

Add Horlicks to warm liquid and stir. Use between 2-3 tbsp of Horlicks powder to a cup and a half of liquid. You may adjust amounts to personal taste.

To use Horlicks in cold drinks, use a similar ratio of liquid to Horlicks powder. A blender can be useful for these preparations, as the Horlicks dissolves a bit less easily into cold liquids than into hot. Common uses are in milk shakes, where two scoops of ice cream, two cups of milk and four tbsp of Horlicks blended just until smooth will make a very nice shake. Smoothies made with Horlicks and a sweet fruit juice, milk, banana, and either ice or ice cream are also popular.

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