How to make a cake shaped like a pyramid

A pyramid-shaped cake can be the perfect addition to an Egyptian-themed party. Making a cake shaped like a pyramid requires time and effort, but is easier than it looks. This pyramid cake requires 2 sheet cakes and frosting. The frosting, which should be similar in consistency to the frosting used in professional bakeries, needs to be thick, so the cake's layers remain stacked. If you're not sure how to make this frosting from scratch, it can be purchased from bakeries.

Bake and cool full-sheet pound cakes. Cut the cakes in half width-wise with a sharp knife to create two equally sized square cakes. Wrap the cooled cake halves in cling film, and put them in the freezer for at least 24 hours.

Unwrap the frozen cake squares and place them on a flat surface. Wrap a large piece of cardboard with aluminium foil. Apply a layer of frosting that's about equal to the size of one of the cake halves to the centre of the cardboard.

Place the first cake half, top down, on the frosting-coated section of cardboard. Apply a generous layer of frosting to the layer, then stack the next cake half, top up, on top of it. Repeat this pattern with the remaining two cake layers.

Locate the centre of the top of the cake, scoring it gently with a knife to mark the spot. Drive a wooden cake dowel vertically through the centre of the cake, using a small rubber mallet to gently tap it into the cake. The dowel will give the cake support during and after the carving process.

Begin carving the cake. Starting at the centre of the top of the cake (where the dowel went in), use a knife with a thin blade to carve the first side at an angle so that it's narrow at the top and at full width at the base. Use a back-and-forth sawing motion to cut through the cake, almost shaving it into the shape.

Repeat the cutting process for the other three sides of the cake. Don't worry about making the top of the pyramid perfectly pointed; leave it a bit flat, then fill in the point with frosting after you're finished carving. This will help the pyramid maintain stability.

Apply frosting to all sides of the cake, using it to build up the top into a perfect point. Decorate the cake as desired.

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