How to Build a Edible Pyramid for a School Project

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Even if your child mentions that his edible pyramid project is due the next day, you can still ace this cake in time to get a good night's sleep. Find a picture of an ancient pyramid and pull out several boxes of cake and frosting mixes. You will both enjoy building this project and there will be enough scraps left over for a tasty snack.

Resource 1 refers to the actual size and shape of a pyramid. Study it before sketching a suitably modified size for a school project. Make a pyramid base and side triangles on paper. Use these as your building guides.

Calculate how many boxes of cake mix you will need to complete the projected shape. Each mix yields about 5 cups of mix. Plan to make squares built up to the proper height and then cut the pyramid shape from the stack.

Spray as many 8 x 8-inch pans as you have available with non-stick oil (Pam). Follow instructions on the cake mix box to prepare batter. Spoon the batter into the prepared pans and bake according to instructions until done. Turn the cake squares out onto a wire rack and chill at least an hour for a firmer cake that is easier to frost.

Follow instructions to make butter cream frosting. Work with only one mix at a time to keep the frosting soft enough to spread. Use Wilton tint if desired to colour the frosting. Use the previously drawn base template to determine how many 8 inch by 8 inch cake squares will be sufficient. Dab frosting on the bottom of the cake base and place it on the covered bread board.

Begin frosting the base cake with a thick layer of frosting. Place a toothpick in the centre and four more two inches in from each corner. Set the second cake on top. Make sure to anchor it firmly on the toothpicks. Continue frosting each cake and placing it. Move the toothpick anchors closer to the centre on each layer.

Build the cake layers until the proper height is reached. Use the previously drawn side template to check. Find the centre of the stack and use the serrated knife to cut the pyramid shape.

Brush the crumbs away from the sides and frost with the remaining butter cream frosting. Use the frosting spatula to smooth the sides of the pyramid. Use a toothpick to mark the frosting to give the impression of brick work. Keep the finished project chilled until ready to present.

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