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How to Care for Snake Skin Boots

Updated April 17, 2017

Snakeskin boots are considered exotic and require a specialised attention to keep them in as good condition as when you first bought them. With the right care, including the appropriate products, you can rely on your boots to look good for years to come. Soon, you will be kicking up your heels in joy. It is straightforward to look hissin' hot all the time.

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  1. Clean your snakeskin boots with a warm, damp cloth after each use. Clean the boots in the opposite direction as the snake's scales lie. Go against the grain. This sponge bath will preserve the integrity of the boot's appearance, remove small clods of dirt and debris that may be lodge in the scales, as well as keep the boots shiny.

  2. Rub down your boots with exotic leather conditioner every month. Conditioning your boots helps them to maintain their original look as well as keeping them from drying out. It is best to use a conditioner made for boots and even better if it has lanolin as its base. Use a speciality exotic leather cleaner, such as Lexol, Bick 4 or Justin. Exotic leather conditioners, cleaners and waterproofing products are usually available at Western shops and boot repair stores, both locally and online.

  3. Buff up boots periodically with a matching cream polish. The polish will not only cover scuffs but can be rubbed with a soft cloth to produce shine and lustre. Polish with the grains of the snake scales.

  4. Protect your boots with an application of silicone water repellent.

  5. Use a boot tree to maintain the shape and form of the boot. It should increase the lifespan of a snakeskin boot.

  6. Tip

    Many snakeskin boots are bleached dyed white when you purchase them. They will eventually turn a golden, natural colour---closer to their original hue. Don't re-bleach them. It will shorten the life of your boots.


    Don't store your snakeskin boots near a heating system. They will dry out. Condition them regularly---even if you do not wear them often.

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Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloths
  • Leather conditioner
  • Cream polish
  • Silicone water repellent
  • Boot tree

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