How to make a life-size palm tree

Real palm trees are expensive, heavy and usually immobile. Luckily, it is fairly easy to make a fake life-size palm tree that can be used to decorate for a tropical-themed party, a jungle-themed child's room or in a classroom. Follow the steps below to make an artificial life-size palm tree that is sure to be a hit at any occasion!

Visit a local carpet store and ask for a carpet tube. The largest will reach about 3.6 metres (12 feet). Most stores recycle them, so you shouldn't have any trouble obtaining one.

Crumple up brown construction paper and cover the tube with it to create a realistic-looking trunk.

Make leaves out of green construction paper. First, cut out the shape of a large palm leaf. Hot-glue a floral wire down the middle of the leaf, then bend the leaf in half around the wire. This way, you can bend the wire to shape the leaf and make it droop in whatever direction you wish. Leave some of the wire protruding from the bottom of the leaf.

Insert floral foam into the top opening of the carpet tube, making sure it is a tight fit. Then, insert the leaves into the floral foam by sticking the protruding wires into the foam.

Hot-glue floral foam into the bottom of the planter, and insert the bottom of the tube, or trunk, of the tree. The floral foam should hold the trunk upright, if you've purchased the stiffest (strongest) type of foam.

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