How to write a short biography for work

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It is sometimes necessary to write a short biography of yourself for a work-related purpose. These biographies are used for various purposes such as including in a company's newsletter or sending along with a proposal or report. When you are asked to write a biography, be sure to write in a professional tone and ask a co-worker to proofread it for you.

Place your full name in the first line of the document.

Include the job title, company name and length of time you have been at the company. For example, statements like "Paul Jones, a management coordinator, has been with the company for nine years," or "Management Coordinator Paul Jones has been with the company for nine years" are appropriate.

Mention any work-related honours, awards or recognition next.

List educational degrees and the institutions that awarded them. If the institution is widely known in acronym form, it is OK to use it; if not, spell out the name of the school. For example, "Jones has a bachelor's degree in human resources from UCLA."

List previous, but related, jobs. For example, "Previously, Jones served as manager of ABC Industries."

Include a contact e-mail address or telephone number.

Write the biography in third person, never first person. So, after giving the full name, continue to use just the last name throughout the biography. Also, never use the word "I," instead use "he" or "she."

Avoid religious or political references. So, do not include any church-related awards, for example. And, avoid mentioning family. It is unprofessional to state that one is married with three children in a work-related biography.

Keep it brief. Depending on the purpose of the biography, try to write no more than six sentences.

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