How to list my degrees on my business cards

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Most people never put their degrees or qualifications on their business card unless they have a Ph.D. Some people think it is pretentious to add an M.B.A. or a B.A. after their name. However, it is becoming more popular, especially when your degree or certifications emphasise the information you want to convey with a business card.

Write your degree right after your name. Separate your name from the degree by a comma. Use only the initials of your degree. A Master of Arts is MA, Engineer is MEng, Science is MSc, Master of Business Administration is MBA. For example: Neil Armstrong, MEng.

Use capital letters to write your degree, but do not use periods after each letter. A master's degree in social sciences is an MSSc. For example: Dima Orcho, MSSc.

Use the abbreviation that corresponds with your degree. If you have a Ph.D., do not write Dr. in front of your name, but use PhD after your name. If you are a medical doctor, use MBBS after your name. For example: James Sears, MBBS.

Do not write all your degrees. For example: Name, BA, MBA , PhD. In the UK, it is proper only to use your highest degree.

In the business world, it is possible to see a person's other qualifications follow the university degree such as CFA for Chartered Financial Analyst or CFP for Certified Financial Planner.

For example: John Money, MBA, CFA, CFP

If you have two master's degree, list both of them after your name in the order earned. For example: Agnes Moorehead, MA, MSc

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