How to write a personal statement on physiology

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Physiology is the study of how the living bodywork and physiologists study the normal biological function of the body. This knowledge forms the basis of comparison for what is an abnormal function.

Learning the physiology of the human body is vital in finding treatment for illnesses, and it is one of the foundation subjects for medicine, nursing or other health-related degrees. The personal statement gives you the chance to stand out and persuade the admissions officer to accept you or offer you a place at the university of your choice.

Brainstorm reasons why you want to study physiology and how it will benefit you in your career. Gather all the evidence of your academic abilities and work experience that relates to physiology.

Start your personal statement by explaining why you want to study physiology. When did you find you were interested in physiology? Why do you want to study physiology? Is there any specific subset of physiology you'd like to study?

Outline the academic skills you gained and relate these to studying physiology. For example, you can relate your math and analytical skills, which are useful in studying physiology.

Write about any work experience you have that has helped you become better prepared for university life. The admissions officers look at your interests and abilities related to physiology and your overall attitude toward education.

Conclude your personal statement by concentrating on the reason why you will succeed as a physiology student. Reiterate your interest in the subject by referring back to the points you made in your essay.