How Much Do Teachers With a Masters Degree Make?,,,,

Teachers are not paid enough for the great work they do. However, having a master's degree increases a teacher's salary significantly. Although salaries vary per school district, having an advanced degree definitely increases a teacher's salary.


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A master's degree usually requires two years in graduate school after a bachelor's degree. As a teacher, you won't get paid more money for a master's degree if the degree is not in the appropriate subject. Elementary teachers are usually required to have an advanced degree in the field of education. For secondary teachers, there are more options. A teacher can obtain a master's degree in education or in her specialised subject area. There are many different types of master's degrees in education. There are degrees in special education, counsellor education, English (or another subject) education, and administration. Usually any master's degree in any field of education will qualify to increase a teacher's salary.


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Teacher salaries vary by state. See the References section to see a comparison of each state's starting salaries. Despite the variation in salaries, teachers with approved master's degrees usually make somewhere around 5 per cent more per year than teachers with a bachelor's degree alone. Though this amount may not seem to be significant in a year's time, the amount truly is significant over the span of an entire career.

Other Salary Boosters

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Teachers make more money each year they teach. Therefore, teachers with a lot of experience make more money than new teachers. Also teachers who are National Board Certified also are paid more (See References). Plus, teachers usually get a state or federal mandated pay raise each year.


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Each school district has a pay chart that shows the salaries offered to teachers in that district. In this chart, the salary will be revealed based on the teacher's experience and level of education. Teachers who have a doctorate degree receive even more money than teachers with a master's degree. All states have a Department of Education website, and salary charts usually can be printed from the sites.


Tuition for a master's degree is quite expensive. On average, a master's degree will cost somewhere around £8,125. However, over the course of a career, a teacher will make that much additional money and more. Therefore, a master's degree can be seen as an investment in long-term security. Plus, most community colleges and universities require instructors to have a master's degree, minimally. Having a master's degree may open up additional doors for a teacher.