How to make a big bow for a car

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When you are giving a large item like a car as a gift, you may want to decorate it with a large bow. That said, it isn't easy to find a place that sells king-size bows. The following are instructions for making your own big bow for a car or another giant-sized gift.

Designate one person as the holder, and one person as the wrapper. With his pointer fingers extended, the holder will hold his hands 30 cm (12 inches) apart. With one hand, he will hold one end of the ribbon between his thumb and forefinger.

Make sure the holder has a good grasp of the ribbon. The wrapper will then loop the ribbon back and fourth around the two pointer fingers. Each individual loop is important. Every time you add a loop, you will need to flip the loop over to create a twist in the middle of the two pointer fingers. You will keep repeating this loop-and-twist motion until you do not have enough ribbon to make another loop.

Have the holder keep hold of the ribbon loops as the wrapper trims away any ribbon that remains, but cannot make a loop. The wrapper will grab hold of the centre of ribbon loops, and the holder can let go.

Have the wrapper bunch the centre of the ribbon loops tightly as the holder secures the ribbon loops by winding the craft wire around the centre tightly.

Make the ribbon look fuller by fluffing it up and expanding each loop. You can also add straight ribbon to tie around the car by measuring an appropriately sized piece of ribbon and attaching it to the centre of the car bow with craft wire. Make sure you place the straight piece on the underside of the bow.

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