How to Load a Marksman Repeater Air Pistol

Using air pistols may provide hours of entertainment, but there are certain measures one must take to be able to use them. While they are fun and easy to use, loading them may be a hassle. Loading a Marksman repeater air pistol involves certain steps and must be done carefully to prevent damage to yourself or your air pistol.

Cock the pistol by pulling out the rear slide section (at the back end of the gun, above the handle) two inches until you hear a click. Then, push it back in to its original position and it should click again, indicating it has locked in place.

Turn on the gun's safety by pushing the safety button from the left of the handle to the right to immobilise the trigger.

Push the loading button below the barrel to open the barrel section, where two separate loading chambers are located. The square loading chamber is for loading BB's only, while the lower circular loading chamber is for pellets, darts and bolts. To load BB's, follow the directions in step 4; to load pellets, follow the directions in step 5, and to load darts or bolts, follow the directions in step 6.

To load BB's, insert up to 18 BB's at once into the square loading chamber. Push the barrel loading section down and cock the gun to load a BB into the barrel from the magazine in which it is held.

To load pellets, darts or bolts, insert only one pellet, dart or bolt into the lower circular loading chamber. Ensure that the ammunition is completely inside the loading chamber for proper firing. Push the barrel loading section down and cock the gun.

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