How to make chair seat covers

An easy way to infuse any dining room with colour is by adding seat covers to your existing chairs. Whether your chairs are wooden, plastic or metal, adding a vibrant or more traditional fabric can make a dining area stand out.

It is also a cost-effective alternative to buying a whole new dining set, especially if your seats have scratches or marks that need covering. After following these few simple steps, you will be able to create beautiful indoor seat cushions with very little effort.

Measure the length and width of the chair's seat with a tape measure. Using these measurements, cut out a rectangular template from the poster board. This template can be used for all of your cushions.

Turn the egg crate foam pad over so that the bumpy part is on the underside. Place the template on the flat side of the foam pad and trace around it with a marker, then cut out your foam shape.

Measure your foam pad, adding an inch to each measurement; this will give you a half inch of leeway on all sides. Cut out two pieces of fabric according to those measurements and place them face down on the floor.

Pin the two pieces of fabric together, with the upside of both fabric pieces facing inward. Sew three sides together (including corners), leaving one side open.

Turn the cover right side out and slide your foam piece in the opening. Fold the opening flap under the cushion and slip stitch it closed. You now have a finished seat cover.