How to curl hair with thermal self-grip rollers

Getting great curls can be a challenge. Many women want lush curls and waves but just don't have a lot of time to spend. Thermal self-grip rollers are one solution that can add body, wave or full curls to straight hair. While pinning rollers in can be challenging, self-grip rollers, also called Velcro rollers, solves this problem. Thermal rollers are also affordable, low tech and can work on a variety of hair lengths and types.

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Avoid using shampoos and conditioners designed for straight hair for the best results. Towel dry your hair thoroughly and, depending upon the thickness of your hair, use a blow dryer to dry your hair to barely damp. Thermal rollers will also work on dry hair; however, damp hair will produce curl with better hold and bounce.

Choose the right size thermal self-grip rollers for the look you want. Velcro rollers come in a variety of sizes, with smaller rollers producing tighter curls and larger ones body or waves. Long hair may also be better suited to larger rollers. Be sure that you have enough rollers to roll all of your hair.

Roll your hair as desired. For softer curls, roll horizontally on the head, rather than vertically. Spray hair well with hairspray or spray gel. Some are made to provide heat protection and these are ideal when using thermal rollers. Use a hair dryer to heat the centre metal core of the rollers. Once the rollers have heated, leave them in place as you get ready for the day or evening.

Allow the rollers to cool thoroughly before removing them. Unwind carefully to preserve your curls. Avoid brushing your hair after the rollers are removed if you want distinct curls as opposed to body and wave. Hair can be left down or put up once it has been curled with self-grip rollers. They can also be left in place for a few hours for a more secure, long-lasting curl.

Use hairspray to hold your curls and waves in place. Spray hair lightly with a shine enhancing product to finish your style.

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