How to choose the perfect gift for a sick friend in the hospital

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Seeing a friend you care about who is sick and in the hospital is never easy. You may want to get that person a special gift that will keep them occupied in the hospital and let them know you are thinking of them. Get-well gifts can really show someone you care, and give them a sense of encouragement on their road to recovery. There are several steps you can follow to make sure you find the perfect get-well gift for your friend in the hospital.

Take time to think about what the person you are buying for likes. A get-well gift is about making the ill person happy, so you really should consider a gift based on their interests. Try to think of something that will keep them occupied while they are in the hospital. If the person is conscious during their hospital stay, they may face several long hours of boredom.

Determine what type of illness they are suffering from and what type of limitations they have. For example, if they broke their strong hand, a gift of crossword puzzles, would not be a good idea because they wouldn't be able to complete them, but a couple of movies to watch while they are on bed rest would be something they could enjoy.

Consider a simple gift such as card, stuffed animals or flowers if they are so sick they won't be able to do anything. These are perfect gifts to bring to someone who is in a hospital, as they still show how much you care. You can even purchase these items in most hospital gift shops at the last minute if necessary.

Consider gifts of comfort to your friend in the hospital. Although hospitals provide basic comfort items, these items are not always as comforting as a person's own blankets, pillows and pyjamas. Gifts such as a person's own slippers or favourite blanket or new blankets and a new pair of pyjamas may not seem like normal get-well gifts, but will be cherished by those who must stay in bed for extended periods of time.

Deliver your get-well gift in person if possible. Many times sick individuals like seeing friends and loved ones when they are ill, just as much as they enjoy their gifts. Ask if you can do anything to help the ill person when you deliver their get-well gift. Sometimes the gift of company or help with a simple task will mean more to them than a bouquet of flowers.

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