How to Make a Big Bad Wolf Costume

A big bad wolf costume is a humorous alternative to the more frightening werewolf. With a fur suit, suspenders, and a cartoonish wolf mask, you will be instantly recognisable as the Disney version of the classic character. Better yet, dress up in grandma's clothes for a more humorous twist on the story.

Wear the big bad wolf costume to a Halloween party and everyone will comment on what big eyes you have.

Build a generic fur suit. The easiest way to do this is to find a jumpsuit at a thrift store and cover it with shaggy brown fake fur. You can use fabric glue for this. It will last long enough to put your costume together and takes a lot less time than sewing a suit.

Get some clothes. The classic big bad wolf outfit is either overalls or ratty trousers and suspenders. Brown corduroys work as well. Whatever you get, be sure to get it a few sizes larger than you will normally wear so it can fit over the fur suit.

Consider dressing up as if you have just eaten Grandma and stolen her clothes. Get a shawl and a sleeping cap to wear over your wolf costume. Add some granny glasses if you wish.

Make paws. Buy a fake beard at a costume shop and rip it up. Then, use spirit gum to tack it on to the backs of your hands. Finish it up with black fake nails

Buy a mask. Making a mask is difficult, and you can get a good big bad wolf mask for under £19. There are several websites that can walk you through making a big bad wolf mask as well (see Resources).

Build feet. Cover some