How to Reboot a PC to Factory Settings

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Personal computers that run on a Windows operating system include a "System Restore" feature that allows you to make up for mistakes or errors by taking your computer back to restore points that Windows periodically selects. A restore point is created when your computer is first set up.

In order to restore your computer to its factory settings, you need to reset your computer to accept those settings.

Click the "Start" menu on your computer and point to the "All Programs" menu item.

Click the "Accessories" folder.

Click the "System Tools" folder.

Click the "System Restore" icon. The "System Restore" window will open.

Click the radio button next to "Choose a different restore point" and select "Next." A list of restore points will appear.

Click the earliest restore point in the list. This is the day you first installed programs on your computer. Click "Next." If the date that appears does not seem to be the first day you installed programs on your computer, click the "Back" link at the bottom of the window until you reach the first day.

Click "Finish" when the confirmation window appears. The computer will shutdown and reboot itself.

Click the "Close" button on the "System Restore was successful" screen after the system reboots.