How to find out if someone has a job

Finding out if a particular person has a job is important when considering the person for a rental or loan application or when you are trying to determine if someone you know is lying to you about his or her job status. Finding out if someone has a job can be done covertly or more openly, depending on what lengths you are willing to reach to make such a discovery.

Put together a timeline of the person's day. Most people’s schedules are fairly regular. If the person is at home when he or she is supposed to be at work, the person could be unemployed. You might try calling the person on his or her home phone during the hours that are supposedly work hours. If the person answers the home phone, he or she might actually be unemployed.

Follow the person around for a few days. You don’t want to rely on one day of investigation, as this could be an unusual day. Stay at least 100 feet away from the person at all times, so he doesn't spot you. Very few people, unless they are on vacation, can spend a few days away from work. If they don’t go to their jobs for several days, it’s a good clue they don’t have one.

Ask them whether or not they have jobs. This may sound extremely simple, but sometimes people fear the reaction or the answer and don't directly ask. If their issues seem insurmountable, they may have been too scared to talk to anyone about it. However, when confronted, many people aren’t quick enough to keep up lies.

Telephone the person's human resources department for the company they say they work for. Ask to verify employment for the person in question. The company can confirm or deny the person's employment status.

Look for the person's name listed on the company website. Keep in mind that not every employee is listed on every company website. However, if the person is in fact listed, it's a good sign the person is employed at the company

Ask to see the person's tax records from the previous year. Income from any jobs the person held should be listed. Keep in mind that this method of confirming employment only shows that the person was employed during at least some point of the previous calendar year and does not confirm current employment.

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