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How to Hint to a Guy That You Like Him

Updated March 23, 2017

Hinting to a guy that you like him is not as easy as it can first seem. Though men and women aren't as different as cultural conditioning would have us think--intellectually and emotionally speaking, we need the same things--when it comes to taking a hint, a guy can be about as far away from understanding what you're saying as the East Coast is from the West. Don't despair: It's possible to successfully hint at your feelings.

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  1. Let him know that his interests are something you care about. If he starts talking about his favourite sports team, remark that his enthusiasm for the team led you to watch one of their games. Smile when you tell him that you "get" why he likes them. Thank him for the recommendation. Taking an active interest in what he cares about shows him that you care.

  2. Take his hand when it is appropriate to do so. If you go see a scary movie together or have a nice moment of connectedness, taking his hand can leave a big impression on him. If you caress his hand a bit while you have it in your grasp, that's a pretty strong signal that you have a crush on him.

  3. Compliment the guy you like. Make sure it is always with complete sincerity. Look for the reasons you like him. Express the compliments at the right moment. You don't want to be telling him how cute his neck is while he is in despair over a failed test. Wait until the right moment. Flashing a smile with an affectionate compliment can make his day.

  4. Be there for him when he is sad. It's easy to walk away when a friend is having a bad day or is in a grumpy mood. Nobody needs drama. Yet when you step up to the plate at the worst of times to take an interest and be there, this is a clear signal to a guy that you like him.

  5. Play footsies. This is a bit silly and old-school, but it works like a charm. Caress his foot with your own when you are eating together. He may start laughing, and it may turn into a playful foot battle. Don't be afraid. Just go with it. Having fun together in this way will be a signal of flirtation.

  6. Start talking about a dance or party you'd like to attend. Joke about how great it would be if the two of you went together. It may be tempting to add on "as friends" to the suggestion, but that can kill any thought that you may like him. Leave it open-ended. Merely suggest that the two of you go out together to an event. He may even ask for clarification to see if you mean a date. Ask him if he would like that. That's a clear sign that you like him, and he will likely take that hint. If he likes you, you will, indeed, have a date.

  7. Tip

    You can always come right out and tell the guy you like him when the moment is right.


    Don't come on too strong until you suspect your feelings are reciprocated. It's best to be patient and give the guy time to fall for you, too.

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