How to Maintain a Silver Mane or Gray Hair

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Though for some it may come too soon, a full head of silver hair can look just as good as any other colour if it is properly cared for. Whether your hair is silver, pewter or white, grey hair appears when the hair follicles' pigment cells start to die out and produce less melanin. Melanin is the same substance that brings colour to human skin. Some people start seeing grey hair when they are quite young, but for most they begin to pop up after the age of 30. No matter what age you are, a little extra care can make your silver mane your best feature.

Increase the shine in your hair by using hair care products that contain dimethicone, which is shown to decrease static, make hair more manageable and boost the shine. Gray hair that looks flat is not reflecting light or the colours around it, and light reflection is what makes hair look healthy.

Smooth out frizz with moisturising products like weekly deep conditioning treatments, leave-in conditioners and serums. The texture of grey hair can often be more coarse and unruly than other types, which could lead to a head full of dry frizz. Let your hair air dry as often as possible and set it with Velcro rollers or pin curls instead of appliances that require heat. Heat leads to hair damage.

Cleanse your grey hair with a blue shampoo if it is has a dull yellow cast. Yellowed hair is typically caused by exposure to the sun, which bleaches out the natural blue molecules from white or grey hair. Blue- and violet-tinted shampoos are made especially for reviving the brightness in grey hair.

Visit your hair stylist for regular haircuts. Keeping split or dried ends trimmed from your silver mane will help keep it looking smooth and healthy.

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