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How to be a toy tester

Updated April 17, 2017

Did you know that toy companies often send toys to consumers at no cost? They do this in exchange for an honest evaluation. The tester tells the company whether the toy is practical, safe and whether children enjoy playing with it. Here's how you can become a toy tester.

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  1. Contact toy companies, such as Fisher-Price Toys or Tomy, to find out if you can be a toy tester.

  2. Fill out the company's questionnaire form, agree to the agreement terms and submit it.

  3. Notice that some companies have a rule: you break, you pay. Other companies allow you to keep the toys that your children test.

  4. Sign up with companies such as "Today's Parent". It distributes toys for testing in the Toronto and Ottawa area. Residents living outside of the area can write evaluations on toys that they've purchased themselves and tested at home.

  5. Apply by sending a short toy report containing a brief description of what your child likes about his favourite toy. If your child is four-years-old, or older, include his comments in the report. Mail your toy report, CV, contact information and complete address to Today's Parent Toy Testing Program, 1947 Mulberry Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 8J8. Include each child's birth date and gender.

  6. Tip

    Signing up to become a toy tester is free. Although toy testers normally aren't paid, some consumers also sign up with paid review companies and write paid reviews on the toys that they test.

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