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How to Pick an MP3 Player for Children

Updated November 21, 2016

MP3 players are all the rage today among kids of all ages. These portable music storage devices are small and easy to use and children of any age can operate and enjoy using these wonderful devices. Most MP3 players come equipped with a set of ear buds so parents aren’t plagued with having to listen whatever song is the flavour of the moment. There are many MP3 players targeted for kids and it’s up to you as a parent to make the best choice by taking many things into consideration.

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  1. Many MP3 players are available for use by children. The prices range from £16 to £65s per player, and the music downloads can be costly too. Choosing a reasonable player requires a little thought on the part of the parent because many electronic devices are basically obsolete soon after purchase. The hope for this purchase is that your child will get a few years use out of their MP3 player.

  2. Take into account your child’s age. Little ones don’t need all the features that older kids will use and love. Ease of use is very important. Remember that you’ll probably be showing younger children how to load their music and choose music download files. There are plenty of different MP3 players that fit the various age groups (see Resources).

  3. Consider the durability of the player. Kids will drop things frequently, so it makes no sense to buy a 5-year-old an expensive device with a glass screen. Choose a player that matches your child’s intended use.

  4. Consider the amount of battery charge available on the player. It’s very easy to grab an MP3 player, run home and load music. It really stinks when your player doesn’t hold a charge for more than a few hours. Make sure you choose a player that holds a reasonable amount of charge. Disney sells some basic and relatively cheap MP3 players for younger kids. These Mix Sticks MP3 players hold a charge for up to 8 hours.

  5. Consider how much storage space your child will really need. Basic MP3 players come with 512MB (that’s megabytes) of storage, which translates into about 4 hours worth of songs. Although it seems like a lot, it isn’t. Consider that your kids will be putting songs onto their player and most likely, never taking them off. The 512 MB is great for a younger child but it’s definitely not enough space for a teenager. Larger storage capacities range from 1GB (gigabyte) that can hold 1,000 songs to 16GB, which can hold songs and video galore. iPod Nano falls into the 1GB category with a reasonable amount of storage space, durable exterior and a moderate price. iPod Itouch’s top model is 16GB and that’s reflected in the price.

  6. Consider other features such as video capability, voice recording and playback, FM radio access, file sharing, and expandable memory. All of these features are available on higher end model MP3 players. IGO M3 player offers a cute little MP3 player that has many added features as does the Creative Zen V Plus MP3 player. Ask yourself how long your child will be using the player and exactly what extra features are reasonable.

  7. Set your price range and stick to it. There are such a great variety of players that it’s entirely possible to get a very reasonably priced player to fill your child’s needs for a great price.

  8. Tip

    An added bonus with this purchase is that you now have an unlimited source of birthday and holiday presents for your child. Music download gift cards give your kids the freedom to choose their own music.


    Before you consider the purchase of an MP3 player for your child, it’s important to mention hearing loss. While your child might not be concerned right now, hearing loss will matter later in life. Your best bet is to request that your child keep their MP3 music at a lower volume. Some MP3 players have volume limits that can be set in the setting fields of the player. Plus, every parent should check the player occassionally to make sure the volume isn’t set too high.

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