How to Showcase Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Properly lighting a crystal display case is a challenging endeavour. You need to know the colour and brightness of the light you're using, and you'll need to take into account the amount of natural light that will pass through the display case.

Clean your figurines well using a nonabrasive cleaner. Dry them thoroughly, and place them on a felt pad to avoid scratching.

Clean and polish the glass shelves and sidewalls of a large curio cabinet. The cabinet should be larger than you require in case your collection grows.

Replace the interior bulb of the curio cabinet with a fluorescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs most closely resemble sunlight and will showcase the high-quality crystal more effectively.

Place your curio cabinet where it will get the most sunlight. There is no equal substitute for bright, clean sunlight. The sunlight will allow the beauty of the crystal to shine through.

Placing the larger figurines in the back will allow anyone viewing your collection to see everything at once. Also, by placing your figurines on small mirrors, you can increase the amount of light that they receive and make them stand out.

Remove your figurines at the same time to ensure that they're all cleaned properly and consistently. Always place them on felt pads to prevent scratching. Use warm water and a gentle detergent to clean them, and always permit them to dry fully before returning them to their display case.

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