How to Make Damson Wine

Damson plum wine is a slightly tart wine with a full bodied, fruity flavour.

Boil 6 pints of water and crush the damsons in a large bowl with half of the sugar.

Pour the boiling water over the fruit and stir well until all of the sugar has completely dissolved.

Allow the mix to cool down to about 23.9 degrees Celsius then add the pectic enzyme yeast and yeast nutrient.

Cover the bowl tightly and let it stand in a warm place for 48 hours to allow the fermentation process to start.

After 48 hours put the remaining sugar into another large bowl and strain the wine mixture over it.

Stir well to ensure that all the sugar has dissolved.

Pour into the demijohn and fit the air lock securely in place. Allow the fermentation process to continue.

Rack once the fermentation has stopped and the wine is really clear. Rack again three months later and store in dark bottles.

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