How to make an espresso martini

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When it comes to acquired tastes, espresso and martinis make the top of the beverage list; however, those who love coffee or love martinis tend to have a passion for their chosen drinks. If you happen to be a person who makes your coffee strong and your alcohol too, you will soon fall in love with this espresso martini recipe.

Decide how many espresso martinis you are going to make, creating your drink with 7 parts vodka, 1/2 part chilled espresso and 1/2 part coffee liqueur. Make your espresso nice and strong ahead of time, placing it in the refrigerator or freezer to chill.

Place some crushed ice in a metal martini shaker, filling the shaker about half of the way with ice. Add vodka and allow the alcohol to chill over the ice for about 30 seconds. For an extra touch, make your espresso martinis with a coffee flavored vodka.

Add the espresso and coffee liqueur and then place the lid on your shaker, shaking the mixture for a few seconds and then setting the shaker down, allowing the drink to chill for about 1 minute. Strain the drink into martini glasses, serve and enjoy.

Enjoy cream with your coffee for a smooth espresso martini, adding 1/2 to 1 part white creme de cacao to the shaker before mixing, straining and serving. To make an impression, add a few chocolate covered coffee beans to the glass for garnish.

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