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How to Make Lemonade From Powder Mix

Lemonade powder mixes come in a variety of flavors and can be purchased at most grocery stores. They are extremely easy to make as they require nothing more of the lemonade maker than following the instructions on the mix container. Here are a few ideas to make those instructions even easier.

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  1. Decide on the type and amount of lemonade that you are making before buying your lemonade powder. Just as there are a variety of lemonade flavors, there are also a variety of lemonade powder ingredients. If you're diabetic or on a special diet, you may want to look for a powder with an artificial sweetener or with few added ingredients. Also, the amount of powder is important as you do not want to go home with too little or too much powder. Check the lemonade powder containers and packets for measurement equivalents based on serving or cup sizes.

  2. Follow the measuring instructions provided with the powder and pour the powder and water amounts into your pitcher as instructed. Use warm or hot water, unless instructed otherwise, to dissolve the powder faster. If you live in or are originally from an area of the world where the carbonated water tradition is more popular, use one half the amount of normal water to dissolve the powder, skip to and follow the instructions in Step 3, and then add the carbonated remainder.

  3. Mix the ingredients with your mixing spoon, or twist your cap tightly onto your drink bottle and shake vigorously. You now have lemonade.

  4. Tip

    Add sugar if the lemonade is too tart. If the lemonade is too watery or bland, add more powder. For a more natural lemonade taste, add real lemon juice. Instead of buying flavored lemonade powder which typically has a lot more added ingredients than plain lemonade powder, drop some fresh fruit or fruit juice into plain lemonade after it is made. Freeze your lemonade as you would freeze water in ice cube or popsicle trays. Lemonade ice cubes are a great way to give new life to water, and lemonade popsicles make a yummy and cool treat on a hot summer day.


    Do not add carbonated water to the lemonade mixture until after you have mixed and completely dissolved the powder with regular water as a messy, fizzy carbonated mixture may result.

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Things You'll Need

  • Lemonade powdered mix
  • Pitcher or drink bottle
  • Mixing spoon
  • Water

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