How to Make Pantyhose Dolls

A rip in your stockings might give you reason to pout, but with a little creativity, you can turn those torn hose into toys that make children smile.

Pantyhose dolls are a great way to be imaginative, have fun and teach kids the valuable lesson of how to make lemons out of lemonade--or in this case, pantyhose dolls out of old pantyhose.

Gather together the items you'll need to make pantyhose dolls. The pantyhose can have snags, but very large holes in the feet and lower leg area disqualifies them from use. Damage near or in the crotch area is okay.

Cut the legs off pantyhose and discard the remains. The foot and lower leg of one leg will become the doll's head. Stuff it with plenty of cotton balls or stuffing and knot it closed.

Create a face by either sewing on button eyes or gluing googly eyes. Eyes could be painted on, too, with fabric paint. The nose could be a button, or you can pinch a small nose with your fingers and sew around it, making a nose-like bulge. Use this same sewing effect for lips, then add a red or pink color with fabric paint.

Decide what kind of hair your doll will have. Yarn and ribbon work well. Select the desired length, cut double that amount, and tie in half or braid at the half way point. Use the knotted or braided point as the hair scalp. Stitch the scalp onto the top of the head.

Glue the hair in various spots on the scalp so it hangs properly. Then go ahead and braid it or style it however you want to.

Stuff the second pantyhose leg and tie it at the end. Divide into five sections: two short ones for the arms, one medium sized one for the torso and two longer ones for the legs. Sew or tie each of these sections shut.

Attach the torso to the head using a needle and thread or sewing machine. Then attach arms to either side of the top of the torso and legs to either side of the bottom of the torso. Be creative with ribbons or fabric to make necklaces and bracelets to cover up the seams.

Make clothes out of old clothing scraps or use doll clothes. A Cabbage Patch Preemie is about the same size as a pantyhose doll.

Decorate with glitter, buttons, stickers or whatever other creative details you and your doll-making companion come up with.