How to replace the wheels on luggage

When the wheels on your luggage break, it is not necessary to buy new luggage. You can replace the wheels in many models. This is simple to do and will save you money. However, not all suitcases have wheels that can be replaced by the owner, and some will have to be taken to a repair shop to be fixed.

Remove the old wheels on your luggage. Depending on your type of luggage, you may have to use a screw driver to take them off. Others are attached by rivets and these will have to be pulled out.

Take the old wheels with you before you purchase the new wheels. Time can be saved if the correct wheel size is purchased. If buying online, measure the wheels and make sure they are the same size and type as those you are replacing.

Place the new wheels into your luggage.

Tighten the new wheels. If they were screwed into place, be sure not to tighten too much or you risk breaking the new wheel. If they were attached via rivets, use the same kind of attention and watch to make sure you do not damage anything.

Test out your new wheels. Make sure they are not wobbly or on crooked, as this could affect the way your luggage moves.

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