How to Become a Christian Louboutin VIP

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Christian Louboutin and his red-soled beauties are in hot demand by celebrities, stylists and shoe lovers across the globe. Access to his inner circle provides such perks such as invites to private shopping events, access to designs not yet available to the public and sometimes direct access to the designer himself.

Louboutin VIPs include celebrities and their stylists, the press and top fashion editors and the super-wealthy who bat not even an eyelash at price tags of £516 and up. If you do not fall into one of these groups, there are steps you can take to become a Christian Louboutin VIP.

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Buy Christian Louboutin products. The best way to become a Christian Louboutin VIP is to spend money at the CL boutiques and website. Most top designers and upscale retailers keep track of their best customers to provide them with special offers and access to private events. Most uber-exclusive invites come by snail mail, so be sure that Christian Louboutin has your correct mailing address whenever you purchase online or from a CL boutique.

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Register with retailers. Christian Louboutin also sells its products at select retailers. Like CL, retailers provide special opportunities to their best customers, including designer trunk shows, private shopping events and meet-the-designer events. A personal connection with a CL salesperson may also provide you special access and insider information.

Sign up for e-mail updates and newsletters. E-mail updates are typically available to the public so it is not likely you will find access to VIP events by registering. However, sales and events open to the public are an opportunity to gain knowledge and make connections that may lead to VIP access. The CL website offers e-mail updates via its newsletter, "Loubi Times;" blog, Loubi Blog; and new product updates.

Use Facebook and Twitter. Exclusive invitations to private sales or special events are oftentimes on a first-come, first-serve basis or only open for a limited time, so paying close attention to status updates may provide you with access opportunities. To receive CL updates on your Facebook newsfeed, you must "Like" the Christian Louboutin page. On Twitter, follow LouboutinWorld.

Other recommended CL resources on Facebook include WWD, StyleList, and HauteLiving New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Suggested Twitter feeds include RackedNY, RackedLA, ThreadNY and FashionEtcNow.

Tap your VIP friends. Search your network of friends, family, business associates and acquaintances and you will probably find you are closer to a Louboutin VIP than you realised. Many Louboutin VIP events include a "+1" on the invitation or have a secret RSVP e-mail address. If you work them the right way, your VIP friends may open these opportunities for you.