Fjords in Sweden

Preikestolen fiord image by Gretchen from

The word "fiord" describes a narrow and elongated inlet of water into an area of land. The land sides of fiords are often on an angle to create a valley, where the fiord takes up the bottom of the valley. There are many fiords in Scandinavia, such as Norway and Denmark, but a few do exist on Sweden's western seaboard.

Askims Fjord

Askims fiord is located on the western cost of Sweden. It is located south of Gothenburg, one of Sweden's largest cities. The fiord consists of many smaller islands and boating routes, making it easy for trade and commerce ships to enter and exit Gothenburg. The natural setting of Askims fiord is idyllic, as it is just off the coast of Sandsjobacka, a natural reserve for Sweden's trees, wild life and plants, including flowers.

Gullmar Fjord

Gullmar fiord is located north of Gothenburg and directly northeast of the very tip of Denmark. The fiord enters the western seaboard between Langgaps udde and the town of Lysekil. It stretches northeast into the Swedish countryside up until the Bjornholmen islands, where the fiord then splits into three directions. It borders the town of Lysekil, which is known for its beautiful scenery, small rocky islands and exquisite boating clubs. The Gullmar fiord is particularly popular due to the discovery of excessive nitrogen levels in the water.

Sundsvall Fjord

The Sundsvall fiord is named after the town of Sundsvall. The town is located on Sweden's eastern perimeter, directly across from Finland. More specifically, Sundsvall is located in the middle of the entire eastern Swedish seaboard. The Sundsvall fiord is the name of the narrow body of water that stretches into the water around the town of Sundsvall and the surrounding area. The fiord is known because of the town's idyllic location amongst the mountains, embedded in the Swedish nature of trees, water and wildlife.