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How to make coloured sugar for a candy floss machine

One of the things that makes candyfloss so special is its colour. Whether you're after traditional pink or a rainbow range of colours, it is possible to create coloured candyfloss in your home. Ready-made coloured candyfloss sugar can be bought; however, it is very simple, and much cheaper, to make your own using regular granulated sugar and powdered food colouring. Powdered food colouring combines easily with sugar and can be used to create very rich colours that are difficult to make with liquid or gel food colourings.

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  1. Measure out the required amount of sugar into a large bowl.

  2. Add a small amount of powdered food colouring and stir until the food colouring is thoroughly blended. Sugar and powdered food colouring can also be combined by shaking them in a sealed container.

  3. Add more powder if colour is not as deep as required. For best results, make your sugar in the daytime as the colour can be more accurately seen in natural light.

  4. Store your coloured sugar in glass jars. Old jam or coffee jars could be recycled for this purpose. Coloured sugar can last for months in storage. Alternatively, put it straight in your candyfloss machine and start making your delicious coloured candyfloss.

  5. Tip

    It is possible to colour sugar with regular liquid food colouring. Add a small amount and stir quickly. Once the colour is blended with the sugar, spread it out on a greaseproof paper lined baking tray and leave it to dry.

    Coloured sugar can also be used to decorate cupcakes and biscuits.


    Powdered food colouring is strong and can stain clothes.

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Things You'll Need

  • Granulated sugar
  • Large bowl
  • Powdered food colouring
  • Spoon
  • Empty glass containers with lids

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