How to keep knee-high boots from slouching

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All material stretches with time, and that of your favourite pair of knee-high boots is no different. Commonly made of leather, these boots are particularly vulnerable to slouching because of the weight of the material.

But you don’t have to throw your favourite pair away because of the irritation of constantly pulling them up. There are a few tricks you can use to keep them riding high for years to come.

Maintain the shape

Use a boot tree to maintain the shape of your boots from day one. They are adjustable to exactly fit the size and shape of your boots and will maintain their rigidity much longer than throwing your boots to the back of the wardrobe when you take them off.

Use a piece of material or a belt that is the same colour as your boots to strap them up. If your boots are a common colour and material like black leather this should not be difficult, and you may find that the addition adds to the boots’ appearance. Use different colours and combinations to accessorise your boots.

Fix a thin rigid strip to the inside of each of your boots to act as a splint. Attach it with glue or even with strong tape to maintain the shape. You can also use double-sided tape to fix the inside of your boots directly to long socks that you can wear under your boots.

Apply fabric stiffener or plain old starch solution to the inside of your boots so as to avoid staining the outside. Use in a spray bottle and apply evenly to the inside. Use these in conjunction with a boot tree to keep the shape as the treatment dries.

Get them tailored. If the boots are worth the expense you can take them to the cobblers to get them taken in. If the thought of parting with hard-earned cash gets you down, look on the bright side that you are doing so because your calves are so much more slender than before.