How do I Install a Y Hook in a Toilet?

toy toilet image by Wayne Abraham from

According to master plumber Ralph Kramer "toilet repair is no mystery." The modern toilet is not a complex machine and requires more cleaning than maintenance. However, parts do rust and break over time. A routine check inside your toilet tank lid can save on water consumption and prevent the inconvenience of a leaky, running toilet.

Tighten the toilet tank water supply nozzle by turning to the right until the water is off. The nozzle is usually below the tank on either side of the toilet bowl. Remove the tank lid. Flush the toilet to remove excess water from tank.

Remove the old Y hook from lever arm by pinching the Y end tightly and backing it through the lever arm hole. Remove the old Y hook from the end of the chain.

Thread the replacement Y hook through the chain.

Pinch the Y end of the hook together and squeeze through the hole in the lever arm. Release the Y end so it catches and holds to the lever arm.

Replace the tank lid. Turn on the water supply. Flush the toilet to ensure the lever arm is working properly.

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