Stihl 025 Specs

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The Stihl model 025 chainsaw is an older model that offers buyers a variety of features and safety equipment. The 025 only supports one type of bar that is available in four sizes. It is compatible with four sizes of chain using two different pitches that are each available in three types. Without a bar or chain installed, the model 025 has a base weight of 4.58 Kilogram.


The model 025 chainsaw uses a single cylinder two-stroke engine built by Stihl. This engine has a displacement of 45.4 cubic centimetres with a 42 millimetre bore and a 32mm stroke. The ignition system used in the 025 is also used in the 021 and 023 models. The ignition system uses an electronic magneto without a breaker. The standard issue spark plug used in the model 025 is a Bosch model WSR 6 F or NGK BPMR 7 A with a gap setting of 0.5mm.

Bar and Chain

The model 025 uses a Stihl brand reduced kickback bar that uses either a 3/8 or 0.325 inch pitch with a sprocket nose. The model 025 accepts bars of this type measuring 12, 14, 16 or 18 inches in length. Reduced kickback bars and chains are identifiable by their green labelling. Reduced kickback chains using the 3/8" pitch are available in Picco-Micro1 style while chains using a 0.325" pitch are available in the Rapid-Micro2 style. Chains using the 3/8" PICCO style use a 0.050" guage and are compatible with all four sizes of bar. Chains with a pitch of .325" have a larger gauge of .063" and are only compatible with 16 and 18 inch bars.

Fuel System

The model 025 uses an all position diaphragm carburettor and integrated fuel pump to supply fuel to its engine. It uses a special flocked air filter that prevents dust and particulate matter from entering the engine. Fuel used in the 025 is a mixture of regular unleaded gas and two-cycle engine oil. The manual recommends a fuel-oil ratio of 50:1 using oil with the classification TC. This mixture of fuel and oil is stored in a tank with a capacity of one pint. The chainsaw's bar is lubricated using bar oil that is transferred using an automatic plunger style oil pump that is linked to the engine throttle. The 025 has a bar oil capacity of 0.4 pints.

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