Homemade Trailer Plans

boat trailer image by wiladayvo from Fotolia.com

The perfect trailer is out there; all you have to do is build it. With a bit of planning, you can build your own trailer to transport your horses or your speed boat.


The first thing you must decide is what you intend to haul with your trailer. Hauling horses, vehicles or plain cargo will require a special plan. Look at existing trailers and figure out what special features you may desire. Consider if hydraulic scissor hoists, detachable sides or ramps are components you need.


All trailers have the same materials as their basis. Axles, wheels, tires, fenders, tail lights, coupler ball and safety chain are just a few of these basic parts. Your cargo contents will determine the complexity of your design and material needs.


As of 2010, kits can range from £292 to the thousands, depending on how large and complex of a trailer you need. You can also go the route of buying plans and salvaging materials. Plans usually start around £13 as of 2010.

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