Where Is the OBD Connector in the PT Cruiser?

A PT Cruiser's data link connection is under the dashboard, to the left of the steering wheel and near the kick panel. This outlet allows access to the PT Cruiser's diagnostic system.

OBD-II Codes

Chrysler introduced the PT Cruiser in 2000. This was four years after the development and widespread implementation of the second generation of On-Board Diagnostic codes in 1996. As a result, every edition of the Cruiser uses OBD-II trouble coding. These codes are triggered when the diagnostic system senses a problem or malfunction.

Retrieving PT Cruiser Trouble Codes

Any brand of OBD-II code reader can connect to the PT Cruiser's data link outlet. Once the reader and the PT Cruiser are connected and turned on, the reader automatically retrieves the triggered trouble codes. These codes will either be generic or specific to Chrysler. The scanner's manual will have definitions for generic codes, and online resources are available for codes specific to Chrysler.

Resetting the Trouble Indicator

Once the codes have been retrieved and the needed repairs completed, the trouble indicter or "Check Engine" light will have to be reset. This involves plugging the scanner back into the data link connection, powering both the reader and the Cruiser on, and pressing the "erase" button on the reader.

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